Why StratoSTACK?

The StratoSTACK Billing Portal enables developers, system integrators, managed service providers, and others providing services over the Apache CloudStack platform to offer Instance creation, provisioning, and billing without purchasing a cost prohibitive billing portal.

Why Open Source?

The StratoSTACK Billing Portal was developed to fill a hole in the Open Source cloud community. Open Source means it is free software. And who doesn’t like free? Register and download the StratoSTACK Billing Portal software today.

StratoSTACK Billing Portal Created & Deployed by 1stel

The StratoSTACK Billing portal is the creation of 1stel, Inc., a leading provider of telecommunications and IT services. 1stel currently services Texas, and is progressively expanding its reach.  After more than 14 months in development and testing, 1stel is pleased to announce the general availability of the StratoSTACK Billing portal.


API Integration

The StratoSTACK Billing Portal uses Apache CloudStack standard application programming interfaces (API) for seamless transmission of data between every Instance and underlying cloud infrastructure.

Elastic Instance Resource Element

The StratoSTACK Billing Portal provides limitless Core, Memory, and Storage configurations that can stretch the boundaries of a provider’s infrastructure.

Flexible Billing Element

The StratoSTACK Billing Portal processes the most widely used card payment types (credit, debit, and gift cards).

Innovative Vouchers Element

The StratoSTACK Billing Portal provides an easy way for users to manage credit as part of one-time or continuous promotional campaigns.

Impenetrable SSH Key Element

Security is paramount in cloud computing. The integration of a SSH Key element in each Instance provides ultimate security for every user.

Simple Native Forward and Reverse DNS

The StratoSTACK Billing Portal enables providers to create A (IPv4) and AAAA(IPv6) Address records, CNAME records, MX records, NS records, TXT records, and SRV records. Simplify network routing with StratoSTACK.

Easy Instance Reconfiguration

StratoSTACK can easily reconfigure a user Instance using the edit and reboot functionality. Need to change a DNS address or mail exchange record? No problem. Need to add another form of payment and delete the first one? It’s simple with the StratoSTACK Billing Portal.


StratoSTACK Billing Portal Powered by Apache CloudStack™

Imagine for a moment, an open source portal where users can create a cloud Instance, provision virtual machines (VM), and submit payment data on the Apache Cloudstack platform all at no cost to the cloud provider. It seems like a dream but it’s now a reality with the StratoSTACK Billing portal.


FAQs & Issues Log

StratoSTACK Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of the most commonly asked StratoSTACK questions.

What does StratoSTACK do?

The StratoSTACK Billing portal enables prospective and current providers to deploy cloud services where a User can select Instance computing configurations that include variable CPU Core, Memory, and Storage Options. The user may also select multiple payment options, DNS configurations, Operating Systems, and Security Groups. Once the User makes their selections, they click the Deploy button and the Instance is created, provisioned in the cloud, and Instance billing is setup. The User is now ready to create something that may change the world! StratoSTACK offers User and Account Management capabilities enabling their target clients to develop and deploy cloud services to budding entrepreneurs, small, medium, and enterprise size organizations.

What is Open Source Cloud Computing?

Open source is a revolutionary concept with a precedent back to the time of the GNU Manifesto in 1983 and the Linux Kernel in 1991. Groups of software developers were frustrated with the avalanche of proprietary software released with the introduction of the personal computer in the workplace. Volunteer collaborators began working together creating excellent software that was free for anyone to download and use.
The concept of open source and developer collaboration is thriving in the cloud computing community today. Two open source cloud platforms are dominant in the market, Apache CloudStack and OpenStack. Each platform has a plethora of advocates that champion their particular open source solution.

Which Open Source platform does StratoSTACK support?

StratoSTACK is a proud supporter of the Apache CloudStack platform. Approximately 220 organizations are listed as Apache CloudStack Users on their website.

What is a “Cloud Instance"?

A “cloud instance”refers to a virtual server instance from a public or private cloud network. Cloud instance computing is implemented via software and can be propagated on multiple hardware platforms.

How much does StratoSTACK cost?

In keeping with the concept of open source computing, StratoSTACK was developed, rigorously tested, and is now being deployed by 1stel at no charge to users of the software.

What happens if there is a problem with StratoSTACK software?

1stel is providing support for users of StratoSTACK software. Instructions detailing how to install the software will be downloaded during the StratoSTACK software download process. Technical support will also be provided by 1stel. Please refer to the Technical Support section of the FAQ for details.

How much access does StratoSTACK have to my data?

Security of personal user data is dependent on the measures deployed by the provider of cloud services. 1stel does not have access to any user data submitted on the StratoSTACK Billing portal.

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