Cloud Computing is as Sweet as Honey

Cloud Computing is as Sweet as Honey

Honey is a natural substance that lends the human race a hand in many different aspects, ranging from sweetening our tea to solving everyday health issues. So how exactly is it comparable to a man-made Internet-based computing system?

Oftentimes, honey is used as an alternative to sugar. Honey is comprised of 30% glucose and 40% fructose, whereas sugar is a split 50/50. Although the ingredients are similar, honey has a sweeter taste as a result of the slightly lopsided fructose level. Cloud computing, for example, isn’t all that different from storing information on your desktop. Data and files can be accessed in a similar fashion. They both get the job done, but cloud computing is a little sweeter.

Coughs, heartburn, acne, and insomnia are just a few ailments that can be remedied with honey. When it comes to cloud computing, you do not even need to lift a spoon to your mouth. Automatic software updates allow the system to maintain itself. That means one less thing on your to-do list.

Just like eating a tablespoon of honey is a lot less of a hassle and expense than doctor’s appointments
for influenza, storing on the cloud also allows for easy disaster prevention and recovery. If a catastrophic occurrence were to take place, the cloud has your back. Data stored in servers at a remote site allow for businesses to eliminate the high costs of data recovery labor and software.

I could eat the same jar of honey in Texas, in Scotland. In either place, the honey is fighting against local allergens. Just like with cloud computing, you can access data from virtually anywhere. We’ve all had that moment where you get home and realize that you forgot to email an important document or put the finishing touches on a spreadsheet. With the cloud, gone are the days of running back to the office or getting to work a few hours earlier (well, for this reason anyway).

Speaking of accessibility, collaboration in the office is easier than ever with cloud storage (as far as accessing data goes. It hasn’t been found to make the people or projects any more pleasant). Part-timers and travelers alike can find solitude in not having to play catch-up upon returning to work. What does that have to do with honey? Well, maybe the comparison was more of a stretch than I realized in some areas.


Jaime Baldwin – StratoSTACK Digital Media Specialist