How StratoSTACK Can Help You Vol. 2

How StratoSTACK Can Help You Vol. 2

Volume 2…Gayle’s brick & mortar boutique on the square…

Gayle moved to Granbury, TX in 1997 from Beaverton to escape the seemingly never ending rainy weather found in Oregon. She found Granbury to be a quaint southern town enjoying a renaissance of economic activity built around a historic courthouse square with a century old opera house.

In 1998, Granbury’s courthouse square was named the “Best Town Square in Texas” by the readers of Texas Highways magazine. During December 1999, Granbury, TX was the only small town in the U.S. to be featured on CNN’s 100 hour coverage of festivities around the world celebrating the new millennium.

Gayle had traveled extensively during her 20-year tenure as a vice president for a footwear/sportswear manufacturer located in Oregon. Gayle spent a majority of her traveling downtime exploring exotic shopping venues for items to decorate her idyllic Oregon home. Gayle’s family and friends had remarked several times about her great taste and recommended she open a business selling items that she discovered during her world travels. Gayle felt the time and location in Granbury, TX was perfect for launching a business venture.

Gayle and her husband leased a small space on the Granbury courthouse square to fulfill their dream of owning a business. Their boutique, “Bright Lights Over Texas” catered to the well-heeled set from nearby Dallas, Fort Worth, and surrounding communities selling aromatic candles, lotions, and soaps from around the world.

Business was robust through the 2000’s but had declined the past five years as foot traffic to the boutique had decreased. She believed that a segment of her repeat customers loved her products but were increasingly shopping online for similar products. She confirmed her suspicions when a long time customer told her that she found candles at an online site but wanted to support local businesses.

Plus, this customer loved how Gayle arranged the merchandise in the Granbury store based on country of origin. Customers literally felt as if they were in England, France, Germany, Italy, or Texas when shopping in Gayle’s boutique. Gayle felt that she needed an online site to shore up the lagging revenue, but how could Gayle duplicate the Granbury store experience online?

Puzzled, Gayle did research on social media and found an amusing article titled, “OpenStack vs CloudStack: Which Will Make Your Life Les Miserables?” published by StratoSTACK. After reading the article, she decided to contact the team at StratoSTACK.

StratoSTACK recently integrated the newly introduced commerce as a service (CaaS) with their infrastructure (IaaS) and platform (PaaS) suites providing a single source for businesses looking to launch or grow their online presence.

The StratoSTACK CaaS offering enabled Gayle to quickly develop, test, and launch “Bright Lights Over Texas” online. The modern beautifully designed pages captured 360 degree panoramic images of the Granbury store on the site. Desktop and mobile customers felt as if they were shopping in the actual Granbury store as the images changed based on slight movements of their pointing device or their fingertips.

In addition, StratoSTACK’s graduated monthly pricing is ideal for budding entrepreneurs or existing businesses. Stratostack provided “Bright Lights Over Texas” the ability to launch an online store with a minimal initial investment while accelerating its ability to grow revenues beyond the early success with the original brick and mortar store.

StratoSTACK is almost here……

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Randall Smith – StratoSTACK Product Manager

Illustrations and Copy Edit: Jaime Baldwin- StratoSTACK Digital Media Specialist