How StratoSTACK Can Help You Vol. 3

How StratoSTACK Can Help You Vol. 3

Volume 3…Riley wants to use her knowledge of real estate in developing an app

Riley was an excellent student graduating high school with honors. She applied to and was accepted by the prestigious Cornell School of Architecture.

As part of a class assignment at Cornell, Riley developed an app that contrasted how different architectural philosophies, Vitruvius, Ruskin, and Modernist would approach building nondescript structures such as convenience stores / auto fueling stations. She liked the artistic element of building an app. It was like drawing a painting with disparate brush strokes that didn’t connect until you viewed the entire picture.

Riley had an idea for an app, that if accepted by the market, could fund her first and possibly many more architectural projects.

What if an app could alert agents when prospective buyers or sellers required their services and then accurately track the agents estimated time of arrival for the prospects?

In her youth, Riley spent many days with her parent’s waiting for real estate agents to arrive and open houses for viewing. Her parent’s owned multiple properties and were incessantly looking for distressed property to “fix-and-flip”. Her bi-polar father told her, “It sure beats dumpster diving.”

When Riley was researching cloud computing competitors, she found an engaging tweet from the team at StratoSTACK about their platform as a service (PaaS). She researched more about the company and discovered how StratoSTACK’s App Artiste’ was designed as a fully featured canvas for creators of innovative applications.

StratoSTACK App Artiste’ addresses the primary concerns of app creators: performance, scalability, and security.

StratoSTACK App Artiste’ includes Memcache to enhance the applications performance by limiting API / database calls.

StratoSTACK App Artiste’ automatically scales based on the application’s traffic. No need to worry over the RAM, CPU Core, storage elements; just upload the application, test it, and then watch your creation appear.

App Artiste’ Ranger Secure scans and identifies application vulnerabilities so you can pro-actively eliminate security risks.

The StratoSTACK App Artiste’ platform also incorporates popular app creator tools including Git, Maven, PiCharm, and Jenkins.

StratoSTACK App Artiste’ embodies the strategy of simple pricing. No hidden fees. Pay for what you use and nothing more.

Riley was confident that the StratoSTACK App Artiste’ platform was the perfect canvas for her creation.

StratoSTACK is almost here……

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Randall Smith – StratoSTACK Product Manager

Copy Edit: Jaime Baldwin- StratoSTACK Digital Media Specialist