SaaS is the Glamour Quarterback of Cloud Computing (part 3 of 3)

SaaS is the Glamour Quarterback of Cloud Computing (part 3 of 3)

The Dallas Cowboys have an injured starting quarterback (QB) at the moment so let’s talk about maybe the best ever to play the game: Mr. Tom Brady. No, don’t call him Mr. Gisele Bundchen. That’s sacrilege! Tom Brady, winner of four Super Bowls and counting has thrown for a total of 56,858 yd and 420 touchdowns. And if that’s not impressive enough, Brady’s interception percentage of 1.9% is second among active quarterbacks.

Tom Brady is the embodiment of the glamour QB. He’s an example of excellence in his chosen profession. He’s married to a flawless super model Gisele Bundchen and has three beautiful children, (one with Bridget Moynahan and two with Gisele Bundchen). To top it off, Brady’ net worth is estimated at $120 million. Much like the appeal of James Bond, men want to be Tom Brady and women are fascinated by him.

How can you possibly compare software to the glamorous life of a QB? It’s not so difficult, SaaS providers are very similar to the glamour QB. Researcher Montclare, The SaaS Authority, ranked the top 250 SaaS providers. The list reads like a Who’s Who of the software industry.

Top 10 SaaS companies:

(1) (6) New Relic
(2) LinkedIn (7) ServiceNow
(3) Workday (8) NetSuite
(4) Dropbox (9) Box
(5) Google (10) Zendesk

These are all high-profile “glamour” companies. Google is such a glamorous company that the movie The Intership (2013) detailed the process of vetting and hiring interns at the company. Sounds like a boring topic, but the imaginative vetting process illustrated in the movie led to worldwide gross receipts of $93.4M. The prospective interns and Google employees in the movie exemplified the highest level of intellectual prowess, minus the two main characters.

I think it’s safe to say that employees of these companies are admired and treated as minor royalty. The inclusion of one of these companies on your vita could land you a significantly better position or millions in venture capital funding. Those of us without the physical and intellectual attributes of Tom Brady can always aspire to join or start a SaaS company if we feel the need to add some glamour to our lives.

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Randall Smith – StratoSTACK Product Manager