Tech Titans Influence on IoT

Tech Titans Influence on IoT

In 2016, we are mourning the passing of a great tech titan, William V. Campbell, former CEO of Intuit and mentor to many of the tech greats, Steve Jobs, Larry Page, Eric Schmidt, Ben Horowitz, and others. We offer our heartfelt condolences to his family and friends.

In the same time frame, we are welcoming back a former tech titan, Thomas Siebel, with his latest creation, C3 IoT. Siebel is best known as the former top sales person at the business software company Oracle that took his entrepreneurial spirit and formed a company named after… well, himself: Siebel Systems. Siebel Systems was sold to Oracle in 2006 for $5.85 billion.

Siebel launched his next venture, C3 Energy, in 2009 with little fanfare. C3 Energy focused on the energy industry seeking to provide data analytics software platforms for the developing smart grid that monitors electricity usage in real-time.

In February 2016, C3 formally announced a company re-branding from C3 Energy to C3 IoT. During an interview with Fortune magazine, Siebel was asked why IoT? Siebel responded, “The next generation of computing is all about smart, connected devices. The future is all about IoT. Everybody believes this market is worth well over $100 billion.”

The C3 IoT platform as a service (PaaS) solutions grew to include the following:

  • Application Logic:
    Use Javascript to implement complex functions that dictate custom business rules
  • Data Integration:
    Securely aggregate internal and external data to deliver end-to-end system visibility
  • Management:
    Access detailed performance, security, and usage data on all applications
  • Data:
    House petabytes of data for analysis
  • Machine Learning:
    Advanced computing for data scientists of all skill levels underpin browser-based setup, drag and drop gestures, and data flow visualizations
  • Analytics:
    Query, transform, and analyze all data via a comprehensive rules execution engine
  • Deployment:
    Leverage the C3 IoT platform for application deployment
  • API:
    An open-cloud platform that delivers a robust set of APIs
  • Workflow:
    Manage operations within your application

According to the website, C3 IoT PaaS provides cross-industry enterprise applications that use advanced machine-learning-based predictive models at scale to provide ever-smarter actionable insights and operational intelligence. The C3 IoT PaaS solutions target the largest enterprises such as AEP Energy, Cisco, and PG&E.

Traditional PaaS deployments have targeted large enterprises with expensive solutions. The small medium business (SMB) segment is under served and represents a true opportunity for innovative organizations with their own tech titans to deliver cost effective open source solutions.


Randall Smith – StratoSTACK Product Manager

Illustrations and Copy Edit: Jaime Baldwin- StratoSTACK Digital Media Specialist