OnBoard Software Review

Among the many types of software available to users, OnBoard Software occupies a special place. This platform has managed to gain popularity among a large number of customers all over the world, and these users include both small companies and corporations with a large turnover. This virtual platform was included in the rating of the best virtual platforms in 2021, according to experts, and this contributed to a lot of its advantages. What are the advantages that made OnBoard Software one of the best and how to use them to develop your company – read our brief review.


What does OnBoard Software offer to its users?

The functionality of OnBoard Software at first glance may seem a bit simple, but this simplicity only emphasizes the features of the virtual platform. In particular, the following sets of tools on the control panel of the virtual platform contribute to this:

  • Organizing and managing meetings – a digital calendar can be used for this purpose, as well as a virtual bulletin board, where you can indicate information about upcoming events in the life of the company;
  • Planning the work of the company according to the selected development goals;
  • Creation and editing of corporate documents based on unique or standard templates in the automatic mode;
  • File storage for large volumes of information;
  • Multi-stage system of access to corporate files for registered users.

Users do not need to search for the necessary tools, because all of them are located on a single panel. No special knowledge or skill is required to use these tools either – the interface is intuitive and does not require additional time to learn.


Main advantages of OnBoard Software available to users

The whole breadth of tools that OnBoard Software developers offer to their clients, together make this software a universal solution for any company. This is also facilitated by:

  1. Real-time documentation generation. The platform makes it possible to take minutes of meetings automatically, and after the meeting is over, it doesn’t take much time to generate decisions and minutes. The administrator only needs to monitor whether the appropriate buttons were turned on during the meetings.
  2. Ease of use. Despite the fact that the software offers a fairly wide range of functions for organizing and conducting meetings, its interface is simple and understandable, does not require special knowledge to learn and does not require much time to configure.
  3. Security. Only registered users can get access to virtual boards and meeting rooms. Meanwhile, the security system logs the whole history of each account’s activity, forming a special log.
  4. Reliable technical support service. OnBoard Software developers offer not only high quality software. After installation and setup of the platform every user has an opportunity to contact the support service at any time of the day or night.

Some users note that this virtual platform has some disadvantages. Mostly, customers complain about too long and confusing instructions, but with the help of customer service this drawback is quite easy to eliminate. You can see it for yourself – just start using the virtual platform OnBoard Software.