Virtual Data Rooms, the Ultimate Comparison Guide

The virtual data room: A unique and indispensable solution to manage the entire due diligence of your mergers and acquisitions Gone are the days when it was necessary to set up a physical data room to exchange confidential documents between the groups of buyers, investors, legal and financial advisors involved to be able to Nowadays, more and more companies use virtual data rooms (VDR) to manage the entire due diligence of their M&A. In this way, you avoid material relocation of documents and month-long use of space, which causes a lot of time and money

What is the Virtual Data Room? 

The web-based VDR services are suitable for managing the entire due diligence in the context of M&A transactions in an optimal and flexible way and for easily and securely transferring documents, information and multimedia content between the groups of buyers, investors, legal and financial advisors involved to be able to exchange. Distinctive advances over the physical data room In the past (and some still do today) many companies set up a room at their headquarters (or that of their advisors) to provide all documentation related to the divestment process. This required material relocation of documents and months of use of space, which caused a great deal of time and money to be spent structuring and preparing documentation, managing and monitoring access, and establishing business relationships. In addition, the results were not always optimal: potential buyers had to bear the cost of a business trip without being certain that they had viewed all the useful documents in the short period of time available.

A New Era Begins With the VDR

The documentation available in a virtual data room can be called up in full 24 hours a day and seven days a week, simply via the web after successful authentication. It is enough to have an internet connection. Immediate benefits: No time and space limitations Maximum speed in setup: even in less than 24 hours! Simultaneous access to the same document by multiple potential buyers Eliminating the cost of physical movement of potential buyers Expanding the potential bidder pool with global bidders Highest security standards to protect your data Back-up systems that ensure ongoing functionality and accessibility to the VDR guarantee Environmentally friendly system, as it avoids the printing or copying of documents of interest to each consultant during the due diligence phase, as well as their mailing. It’s often thousands of pages! Undoubted financial advantage: the cost of the virtual data room is much lower than the cost savings achieved by using it!

Characteristics of comparing the VDRs

The Highest Security Standards

Comparison of virtual data room providers includes security standards, thanks to the use of a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security protocol, the same one used for online banking transactions. This allows ongoing encryption of all sensitive information exchanged online. Structuring of the VDR in the desired areas Two (or more) different access levels to the VDR: Data Room Manager: You or your consultant can use all functionalities of the data room (editing/supplementing the documentation, sending newsletters, managing Q&A, viewing reports, etc.) . Viewers: the users you authorize to register and have access to the VDR. Maximum graphic personalization: we maintain the design of the VDR according to your brand identity and your logo. Setting up the VDR in the desired language: You can choose to set up and manage your VDR in German, English, Italian, French, Spanish or Russian.

Numerous tools and functions for an easy and efficient use of the VDR: insertion of maps, dynamic tables, videos, photo gallery, ask the expert and FAQ ; Entering news and sending newsletters. Advanced search function: the OCR Optical Character Recognition version can be applied to the scanned documents uploaded to the virtual data room, i.e. without requiring manual intervention to correct texts. This allows using text search on all files, making work more efficient and finding relevant documents faster, especially when there are thousands of pages. Advanced reporting system: All activities of authorized users within the virtual data room are recorded (login, logout, views, uploading and downloading of individual documents, etc.). Thus, you can monitor the activities around your business at any time and also have advanced reporting. 24/7 multilingual helpdesk: Our multilingual team is always available to answer your questions and needs, as well as those of your users. 


One (or more) project managers of the desired native language will be dedicated to your process. Training and support of the data room manager for the correct use of the virtual data room. Multilingual technical support and helpline for customers and users. DVD archive: To close the VDR, Multipartner provides the customer with one (or more) electronic copy(s) of all documents available on the VDR for the historical archive. Total functional and graphic customization: customization in relation to the desired logical structuring of the data, the brand identity of the company and any other customer needs. The VDR is a dynamic tool: it is possible to modify at any time both the structure of the portal (integrate new functionalities, areas, etc.) and the uploaded documentation (insert, edit, delete, etc.). 

Cost reduction

No business trips to view the documents in a physical data room. Intelligent use of resources: You do not need employees to set up and monitor access to the physical data room. No costs for sending the documentation. Environmental awareness: 0 Paper: all documentation is in digital format. 0 emissions: no consumption of fuel to deliver the documents or reach the physical data room.