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How StratoSTACK Can Help You Find Your Personal and Financial Dreams

How StratoSTACK Can Help You Find Your Personal and Financial Dreams

Cloud computing is a style of computing where consumers use a subset of computing resources from a vast repository of hardware, software, and networking infrastructure managed by an enterprise’s IT team or by an external vendor or both.¹ Sounds incredibly technical and boring doesn’t it?

In this series of articles we will delight and excite you about the world of cloud computing while illustrating for value-added resellers, brick & mortar businesses, and “budding” entrepreneurs how they can find their personal and financial dreams in the cloud.

Volume 1…Emory’s Customers are Asking About Cloud Services

Emory’s company, Almost Networking Inc. (ANI), has been successfully selling and installing computer hardware, software, and local area networking infrastructure for over two decades. ANI’s customers include electricians, plumbers, automobile dealers, insurance agencies, health care clinics, and real-estate agencies.

Emory’s team of employees provide a networking solution for their clients that includes desktop/laptop computers with associated peripherals and software, printers, cabling, networking software and hub/switch/routers for local area networking and Internet access. ANI also provides remote network management services that include a basic level of support from 7a.m. – 7p.m. Monday-Saturday for their customers. A 24-hour premium service option is available but most customers select the basic managed service.

ANI’s equipment revenue stream had decreased two percent while the profit margin from equipment sales had declined by seven percent. Customers were not replacing their computer equipment as frequently and the equipment vendors were continuing to increase the value added reseller partner prices that ANI paid. During the same period, ANI managed service revenues grew five percent and profit margins grew two percent. However, this did not offset the loss of equipment revenue and profit.

Emory was worried about the continual decline in equipment sales. ANI needed to enhance the product portfolio by adding remote computing, remote storage, and web hosting services. His auto dealer, insurance agency, and health care clients had requested these services.

ANI’s clients didn’t have a large IT staff committed to optimizing the network but they were all making investments in hiring developers that would build applications for promoting their products and services. Each developer that ANI’s clients interviewed continually talked about their cloud presence and their use of social media to promote the business.

Competitor’s were circling ANI’s clients. Several competitors had upgraded their product portfolio to include web hosting, cloud Instance creation and provisioning, variable memory and variable computing power for business seasonality, and storage options that would include local and remote block storage.

Emory did a little research and found that the cloud computing leaders had a multitude of service offerings with complex product bundles and pricing structures that required a PhD in mathematics to understand. Frustrated, Emory sought refuge in social media when an article titled, Cloud Computing is Sweeter than Honey, popped up in the widely popular ezine, TechGeek Daily.

The TechGeek Daily article led him to StratoSTACK.org where Emory found a cloud reseller partner program with unbundled service elements ranging from 1GB of RAM, 1 Core CPU, and 160GB of SSD block storage up to 24GB of RAM, 8 Core CPU, 1.2TB of SSD block storage. StratoSTACK also displayed simple to understand pricing. What a find!

The crown jewel was the free StratoSTACK billing application specifically designed for use with CloudStack. The StratoSTACK billing application enabled ANI to create and provision unique cloud Instances and charge for each Instance independently based on their client’s contractual agreement.

Emory knew this model fit his clients requirements perfectly. Emory was able to meet the client’s immediate cloud computing needs within a budget and was poised to grow with StratoSTACK as his current clients grew their business or when ANI added new client’s.

StratoSTACK is almost here……


Randall Smith – StratoSTACK Product Manager

Illustrations and Copy Edit: Jaime Baldwin- StratoSTACK Digital Media Specialist

1) Realizing the Value Proposition of Cloud Computing, InfoSys, Jitendra Pal Thethi, Apr 2009